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Accepted abstracts published electronically in Kidney International Reports (an official journal of the International Society of Nephrology) are accessible here.


IT IS MANDATORY FOR THE PRESENTING AUTHOR TO REGISTER TO THE CONGRESS BY JANUARY 31, 2019 in order to have the abstract published as described below and for poster/oral presentation.

For registration rates and discounts click HERE.


Poster Size and Orientation
Posters should be the following size: AO-size (1189 mm High x 841 mm Wide), portrait orientation.
Larger posters in a different orientation will not fit on the poster boards.

Poster printing service

The World Congress of Nephrology 2019 has selected Snap South Melbourne as their preferred poster printing service for WCN 2019.
This service is the simple and most convenient way to print your poster and have it delivered at the Poster help desk at the congress in Melbourne for onsite pick up.

Please read the below instruction carefully 

To upload your posters

  • Please ensure your file is pdf.
  • Go onto the website
  • Type in 3205 in Select a Centre
  • Select Snap South Melbourne Centre
  • Enter your name, mobile and email details
  • In the Comment field state your abstract number. Please note that without stating your abstract number we will not be able to link your poster to WCN 2019 and will not be able to deliver it onsite for pick up.
  • Upload your pdf file
  • Click button Upload and Send

    You will then receive an email confirmation with credit card authorization form. Printing fees must be paid no later than 1 week after submitting your poster for printing. Credit cards accepted are Visa and Mastercard ONLY.

Delivery onsite

Your poster will then be delivered to the congress venue (MCEC, 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf, Melbourne) for collection at the Poster help desk located in the Exhibition Hall (Doors 7 & 8). Poster help desk will be open: 

  • Friday, 12 April 2019: 19:00-20:30
  • Saturday, 13 April 2019: 08:00-16:30*
  • Sunday 14 April 2019: 08:00-16:30*
  • Monday 15 April 2019: 08:00-16:30*
     * Please note that you will be able to pick your poster during the above mentioned hours but Snap South Melbourne Centre representative will be present at the Poster Help desk ONLY during these hours:
            - Friday, 12 April 2019: 19:00-20:30
           - Saturday, 13 April 2019: 08:00-10:00

During the time he will not be present onsite, you will be able to reach him by phone +61-(0)407 076 242, if necessary.

Poster will be labelled with your Abstract number, name, mobile and email address.


Deadline to submit abstracts for printing and onsite pick-up via Snap South Melbourne is Friday 5 April, 2019.
Last minute printing: Last minute printing is possible after Friday 5 April until Wednesday 10 April and incur an urgent fee.

Fees and payment

Payment is done by credit card only (via credit card authorization form). Printing fees must be paid no later than 1 week after submitting your poster for printing. Printing fees for last minute printing MUST be paid within 24 hours after submitting your poster for printing. Credit cards accepted are Visa and MasterCard ONLY.
All payments must be settled as described above. NO ONSITE PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


A0 poster is AUD 50. (if booked and paid before 5 April, 2019)
A0 poster incurring an urgent fee is AUD 70. (if booked and paid after 5 April, 2019)


How to submit your abstract

  • Submit your abstract online. You will receive confirmation of the abstract submission within two business days. If you submit your abstract on the deadline day and do not receive confirmation within 48 hours, email:
  • Abstracts should concern all aspects of nephrology, the treatment of renal disease or the scientific background to the study of the kidney. Check out the abstract categories below:
    • Podocytes, mesangial cells and glomerular function
    • Primary glomerulonephritis
    • Secondary glomerular disease
    • Glomerulonephritis experimental
    • Glomerular disease pathology
    • Glomerulonephritis clinical
    • Epidemiology, outcomes and health services research in dialysis
    • Peritoneal dialysis
    • Haemodialysis and hemodiafiltration
    • Vascular access
    • Complications of dialysis
    • Bioethics, palliative care and quality of life in dialysis
    • Transplant immunology, tolerance and organ matching
    • Clinical studies in kidney transplantation
    • Genetics and epigenetics
    • Developmental biology and stem cells
    • Experimental models of kidney disease
    • Cell signalling, control and death, hormones, growth factors and cytokines
    • Inflammation, fibrosis, matrix biology and oxidative stress
    • Vascular biology and endothelial function
    • Acute kidney injury experimental models and biomarkers
    • Acute kidney injury clinical, drugs, AKI-CKD continuum
    • Tubular function, acid-base and electrolyte abnormalities in kidney disease
    • Chronic kidney disease diagnosis, classification and progression
    • Epidemiology, outcomes and health service research in CKD
    • Complications of CKD
    • Diabetes and obesity clinical
    • Diabetic kidney disease experimental models and biomarkers
    • Diabetic kidney disease drugs and treatments
    • Diet and nutrition
    • Paediatric nephrology
    • Kidney in pregnancy and post-partum
    • Bone and mineral metabolism
    • Anaemia and iron management
    • Hypertension
    • Autoimmune disease
    • Infection
    • Vasculitis, thrombotic microangiopathy and complement
    • Tubulointerstitial kidney disease, kidney stones, urinary tract infection
    • Cystic kidney disease
    • ‘Onconephrology’, urinary tract malignancy and chemotherapy
    • ‘Green’ nephrology and environmental sustainability
    • Other extracorporeal therapies, devices, poisoning and other technology
    • Indigenous peoples
  • Submitted abstracts MUST describe unpublished work, which is not already in press and which is not awaiting possible acceptance by any other society/event that publishes its proceedings.
    Please check your abstract carefully for typographical errors, misspellings, poor hyphenation, etc. They will be glaringly apparent in the published abstract.
    You are allowed to use 3,400 characters. Spaces are included in the character count. Abstracts are structured (Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion). Tables, graphs and pictures may be included (tables and graphs do not contribute to the character count if inserted as image). Pictures and images must be in JPEG and/or PNG format.
    Case reports that present novel hypotheses, pathologies, treatments or ethical issues are welcome. However, they are likely to be selected only if such novelty can be highlighted.
    Maximum number of abstract co-authors possible to list in your abstract is 10.


Please be aware:
  • We are a paperless congress. Accepted abstracts will be published electronically in the searchable databases of the WCN 2019 and Kidney International Reports (an official journal of the International Society of Nephrology). A selection of approx. 20 abstracts will also be published (electronically) at the ISN Academy. No printed abstract book will be produced.
  • IT IS MANDATORY FOR THE PRESENTING AUTHOR TO REGISTER TO THE CONGRESS BY JANUARY 31, 2019 in order to have the abstract published as described above and for poster/oral presentation.
    A 40 USD nonrefundable handling fee will be charged per each abstract submitted. The handling fee must be paid at the time of submission by credit card (American Express, MasterCard, or Visa). Payment by bank transfer is not possible. Abstract handling fees are waived for submitters from Low Income Countries as defined by the World Bank.
  • If the presenting author is unable to present the abstract, another co-author can take his/her place as long as he/she is duly registered to the congress. A letter from the presenting author informing about the change is requested and must be sent to the congress secretariat, email: no later than January 31, 2019. If selected abstract presenters fail to register by January 31, 2019, no abstract will be published. There will also be no poster/oral presentation at the congress.

  • Once you have submitted your abstract, you cannot withdraw or change your abstract.
  • All copyrights are assigned to ISN.
  • Each abstract will be considered for a poster or oral presentation session. However, only limited slots are available for oral presentations during WCN 2019.


Organ trafficking and tourism ethics compliance

We believe that scientific studies and clinical activities must be performed in keeping with the ethical principles delineated in the Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism.

By submitting an abstract for the WCN 2019, you state that you have not violated any aspect of the following: